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Various Spoilers for the 100!

E! Spoiler Chat

Isbabellag08: anything on #the100 please?
Calling all fans of “Rick” or “Waven,” Wick is coming back! Huzzah! “I’ll say you’re guaranteed something along Wick, but you have to say tuned to see what that is,” Lindsey Morgan hedges. (He’s back in episode 14!) As for who she wants to see Raven interact with soon, Morgan says, “I really personally love Indra’s character. I think she’s just a bad girl, so I would love them working together. I love Lexa, too, she reminds me of our Khaleesi basically. I think she’s so cool.”

Warning: Here Are the Characters You Should Be Worried About the Most

Clarke’s going to be facing opposition on more than one side, as tensions between her and Raven (Lindsey Morgan) are still boiling in the wake of Finn’s (Thomas McDonnell) murder.

“Raven is really wanting to throw herself into her work now as a way to grapple with all of these emotions, but Clarke is a trigger for some things. It’s tough,” Morgan tells us. “I think grief is such a weird, weird emotion to just grapple with to begin with. You’re just crazy. You go through so many different feelings. Some days you’re up, some day you’re down. It’s nuts.”

She continues, “But this is even worse because Clarke murdered him. It wasn’t in cold blood and even though [Raven] does see the logical situation and it was a mercy kill and [Clarke] in a strange way saves him, it still stings her that it was at [Clarke’s] hands. I think the whole thing just hurts Raven, even the way he was buried, she never had a chance to say goodbye. She never had her closure.”

Don’t expect Raven and Clarke to get back to a good place anytime soon.

“She takes a lot of that out on Clarke,” Morgan says of Raven’s grieving. “I think she tries not to, but she needs somewhere to fuel her focus and anger at the entire situation and Clarke is unfortunately the target of it.”
But Raven and Clarke are going to have to work together in tonight’s episode, as Mount Weather prepares to launch a missile on Camp Jaha. Yes, a missile!

“That’s a very high intensity episode,” Morgan says. “It’s very tricky because we’re planning a war and we’re planning an attack, but we have people already there that we have to save. It’s a very difficult question as far as how much do you want your enemy to know, how much are you willing to give to keep your secrecy and to keep your cards hidden? What are you willing to sacrifice to try and win?”

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