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The 100 Ratings Project

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ABOUT THE PROJECT and other things you can do besides help on twitter This blog is all about a plan to help the 100 get ratings, trending topics, and good social media representation in polls. That isn’t to say that the show has bad ratings, this is just about giving them the extra boost and making sure networks, advertisers, and potential new fans can hear us.

We will organize projects, livetweets, trending topics, and other events to help the 100 be heard and help make sure people know it exists. The CW isn’t doing the best of promoting the show, so we are here to make sure it happens. That also means spreading the word about polls on twitter and tumblr, voting in polls as much as possible, spreading the word about new articles on different magazines and other things like that. But you’ can find more information about that below:

Things to do to help the show:

Read Interviews and Articles at the source. You know when you see an interview or article floating around and someone pasted a quote from it or anything like that? Click on that source, go to the page it’s on, click around or even click on some advertisements on that page. Share links to that interview or article on social media. Go down to the comments and participate in the discussion. When magazines see that reporting on the show brings them in good traffic and is something that their audience likes, that makes them seek out coverage more and makes them more likely to promote the show which is basically free advertisement!

Watch things on the OFFICIAL youtube. The official youtube for the CW may not have every video known to man kind but it does track the views, likes, comments, subscriptions, and general audience for it’s show. So if a new promo comes out and you want to reblog it, make sure the video you’re reblogging comes from the official youtube source. If you make a gif set from a promo or behind the scenes clip, add a link to the source on the official youtube page so that people will click on it and the video will get views.

Be a part of the facebook community too. The network even looks at how many likes a show’s facebook page has. So go like the facebook page, share the facebook page, share the promo videos and things like that. The same goes for the official tumblr. Follow it so they know people are interested and the official twitter as well.

Tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet. Use the show’s hashtag WHENEVER you talk about it. Hashtags matter. As I’ve seen said around here a little bit lately, tweet advertisers as well. When you watch the show on DVR, watch the advertisements. All of this is important. Advertisers have to know that they want to pay money to have their product advertised during the show. See this link for a full list of ways to help just on twitter.