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“This season everybody is in their own personal hell,” says Lindsey Morgan (“Raven”). We’re all going through a lot. It just got amped up to the next level. Everyone’s separated, as you saw from the finale. What you kind of don’t take in account for his how much scarier it is and how much more danger you are in when you’re alone. It’s true there’s strength in numbers and I think a big reason why the 100 had such a great ability to survive last season is because we had each other.”

In the premiere, the injured Raven ends up encountering the person who shot her – Murphy (Richard Harmon). Said Morgan, “I loved getting the first script because it surprised me completely. I had my own kind of what I think is going to happen or my own fantasies and when I got the script and I saw who I was paired with in my first scene I was floored just because it was the last person I ever thought Raven would be interacting with, especially right off the bat. I love it because it’s such an interesting dynamic and such an uncomfortable one, extremely because Raven is completely vulnerable and she’s paired up with someone who is very dangerous but also extremely vulnerable. I think those scenes were really interesting and fascinating.”

Things are a bit different for Raven, with Morgan observing, “Raven’s cool with the adults, I feel. She doesn’t have such a huge frustration with them as Bellamy or Clarke feels with them. I think because Raven really trusts Abby. At first she didn’t trust her, obviously, from the last season. But then they really grew into a bond with each other. It’s almost like Raven sees Abby as a mother figure, especially a mother figure she never had, so to Raven it’s a reunion and it’s a happy reunion. She respects Abby. She thinks Abby’s a bad ass so she’s stoked that they’re here and they can help. It’s just more assets.”