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Raven Named 1 of 5 Badass Female TV Characters In STEM

Raven is the only engineer on the list and technically more of a mechanic for the apocalypse survivors on the CW series. Still, her expertise in machinery, building things and blowing them up proves both life-saving and deadly on the ground. She’s not even out of her teens, and the adults on the Ark consider her one of the brightest minds they’ve ever had.

The ace is able to build an escape pod out of spare Ark parts in days, catapulting her into space and onto Earth, where her inventions end up keeping the kids on the ground alive. She fixes a radio so Clarke can communicate with her mother – in space – to talk her through treating her dying friend. What a treasure.

MacGyvered: Given that the 100 land on a post-apocalyptic, technology-free Earth, anything Raven does to save her friends can technically be considered MacGyvering. You can trust Raven to make anything from radios to makeshift bombs and, in the first season episode “I Am Become Death,” she actually does the latter to destroy a seemingly indestructible bridge connecting the 100 and the enemy forces across the river. Raven Reyes, at 19 years old, figures out how to build a potent bomb out of gunpowder and the hydrazine from a crashed dropship and, as a result, singlehandedly prevents a massacre. Give her a problem and Raven will solve it.

Bellamy: That bridge has survived a nuclear war and 97 years of weather.
Raven: It won’t survive me.

(It doesn’t.)