Welcome to Lindsey Morgan Fan, your largest online source for actress Lindsey Morgan! Previously known for her work on the ABC soap General Hospital, Lindsey has gained a large following through her role as Raven Reyes on the CW’s The 100. Recently, she has been cast as the female lead in the upcoming series Walker, a reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger. Our site aims to bring you the latest news on Lindsey & her career along with providing a comprehensive gallery of her work & appearances. We hope you enjoy the site and come back soon!



“I’m still so shocked. I’m so honored. Kristen Alderson was nominated, too. We’ve already talked to each other about ‘We’ve got to go dress shopping!'” (on receving her Daytime Emmy nomination)

“Sometimes I’m afraid of being too big and sometimes I’m too little. That storyline gave me the freedom to realize that it doesn’t matter how I react because I”m scared. My life was on the line. It was difficult on my body physically and mentally, but it was also freeing because she thought her life was about to end.” (on Kristina’s hostage storyline on General Hospital)

“I loved every second of it. I made some great friends and had a great blast doing it.” (on working on Destroy the Alpha Gammas)

“I’ve always loved musicals. Whenever I go see a show, I’m there front and center. But it’s also something I’ve always been afraid of. So when I said yes to this, I was like ‘Oh my god. This is kind of scary and challenging. I’m not a singer, I’m not a dancer and I’m surrounded by all these immensely huge talents who are.’ But you know, it made me grow.” (on musicals and working on Destroy the Alpha Gammas)

“She’s like the Gretchen Wiener in Mean Girls.” (on her character Lauren from Destroy Alpha Gammas)

“Raven is a total bad ass. She’s super smart, a mechanical engineer on the space station. She’s kind of like a child prodigy, she’s like the smarted mechanical engineer they’ve had in like 52 years. She’s a total guys’ girl and doesn’t take anyone’s shit.” (on Raven Reyes)