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Natalie & Jonathan chat with actress Lindsey Morgan! Lindsey discusses her role as “Raven Reyes” on The CW’s The 100, and how she balances her life, fitness regimen, relationships, and lifestyle around a six-month shooting schedule.

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On CW’s hit post-apocalyptic drama The 100, Lindsey Morgan plays Raven Reyes, a badass mechanic. Which, really, doesn’t seem too much of a stretch for her. For one, the Houston native exudes bona fide badass energy when we speak, saying whatever she damn well pleases without thinking twice about it. (She also boxes and does Muay Thai and can probably lift more than you.) For another, she’s keen on fixing things in real life: she’s an ambassador for Active Minds, a nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and suicide prevention for young adults. While other celebs are intent on refining their Facetune chops on their Insta feeds, Morgan uses hers to spread messages about finding cracks of light in a bleak world.

We sat down with Lindsey to chat about her come up, depression and anxiety, and the importance of getting real in an innately phony social media landscape.

So, let’s start off by talking about The 100. Those who’ve seen it know it’s an amazing show, from the story to even the costumes. What’s it been like working with that crew?
I don’t know why, but something in me wanted to make a joke and be like, “Oh that shithole? It’s terrible.” But yeah, it’s been really rewarding to be able to work on something for now going into six years and growing with a group of people, where we have become a family. But it’s always like, we don’t know how long it’s going to go. We don’t know how long we’ll get the opportunity to do this. So, every year that passes is becoming more and more of a special world for us. And I know we are all very grateful for it. So yeah, it’s been the best job of my life. I’ve learned so much, I’ve grown so much as a person, as an actor, as a professional. I don’t know who I’d be without it.

Was acting something you always wanted to do? Or was it something that just spontaneously came up?
It definitely wasn’t something I always wanted to do. I wasn’t the kid who wanted all the attention, that was cracking people up, or anything like that. Actually, I was very shy as a child and I really liked painting and drawing — just really quiet all the time, in the corner painting by myself. [Laughs.] So, I’d say I’m 50 per cent introvert and 50 per cent extrovert. The idea of all the attention on me, and all eyes on me, kind of terrified me. It still does, in a sense. But there was something about acting, something about the idea of transforming and being exposed and being vulnerable. I remember I went to go see a musical — I think I was seven — with my mom and I saw the actors come out on stage and they were performing, and they were just so great. I was like, Wow, if I could be brave like them, then I would be great. From there, I just had this secret desire to do that. But I turned 18 and took a different path; I was really interested in politics and journalism and very good, very serious things. But I knew they never stimulated the creative side of me. So, I had this small part in a play in high school and I was putting on my makeup and I had this kind of epiphany, where I was like, If I could do this every day, I’d be happy.

Oh, wow.
Yeah, but you know, it was just as simple and pure as the one I had when I was seven, when I was just like, Wow, those people who do that are brave. I want to do that. I just listened to that voice, whatever that voice was, and my heart, and then my dad. And I’ve never felt any doubt about it.

That’s a great feeling.
Yeah, I know! I have doubts about what I’m going to have for breakfast! And for this it’s like, nope, I’m doing this for the rest of my life. Ok. Done. Bye. [Laughs.]

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The 100 will premiere on Tuesday, April 30th, following at 8/9c following The Flash.


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Beyond Skyline‘s Lindsey Morgan returns as Captain Rose Corley, a human with extraterrestrial superpowers that mean she is the only person powerful enough to vanquish the marauders. When a virus threatens to turn earth-dwelling friendly alien hybrids against humans, Corley assembles an elite team of mercenaries on a mission to the alien world to save humanity.


Imagine being shipped to an unforgiving post-apocalyptic universe from a wretched rocketship, fighting Grounders, being shot, crippled and manipulated. It’s safe to say that female characters are often hard to balance, especially when it comes to girls, fighters, and geniuses – and Raven Reyes is all three.

She’s a young woman that discovers she’s been lied to by her boyfriend after she has risked it all; she’s the youngest mechanic of her generation, she fights through loss and death and even addiction. In the world of “The 100,” Raven’s character, played by the actress Lindsey Morgan, born in Georgia and raised in Huston, certainly doesn’t have it easy. But Lindsey managed to go deep into a complex character, turning a name on a script into a real person made of shadows and lights, of sufferings and compromises (both with herself, with her friends and the world they are slowly discovering). Next to series leads Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor, for 6 seasons now (The CW confirmed the 6th Season of “The 100”) Lindsey has been one of the most solid presences on the show, despite all her character’s goes through.

But how did Lindsey prepare for the role, and what were the funniest moments on set? How did she feel when she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy as Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series and what are her dreams for the future?

You’re one of the most popular Latino actresses of the recent years: how did you start acting and how was your relationship with acting when you were younger?
I was pretty terrified in the beginning, classic stage fright, but something inside of me was really drawn to performing. I think because I was shy I was drawn to the bravery of performance and to being free in front of others. I didn’t really start until I began to pursue it in college. I did small bit parts in school, but again, was too shy to really ever go for it. In fact, spent more time painting sets than I did on stage.

You played Captain Rose in “Beyond Skyline,” the sequel of “Skyline:” how did you prepare for the role and what was the best thing on set?
This role was pretty crazy because I was offered it and it was slated to film on my 27th birthday, but then I had food poisoning the night before and had to play unconscious for the first half! It will always be kind of funny and special to me for that reason.

You started as Raven Reyes from the very first season of “The 100.” Back then, did you imagine how much resonance the series would have and what a success it would become?
Back then, I had no idea what a series like this would become or my role in it, how it would change my life and how the audience would perceive it. But I do remember a special energy on set when we started. We had a lot stacked against us as a show, and we really made something spectacular despite that. Something that has never been seen on The CW and I’m really proud of that.

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