Lindsey Announces Engagement to Shaun Sipos

[ Written on December 29 2020 by Sarah ]

‘Skylin3s’ Officially Out on Video on Demand

[ Written on December 18 2020 by Sarah ]

Today is the day! Skylin3s has been released on all major VOD services. You can find it on iTunes to rent for $6.99 or purchase for $12.99. It is also available on Google Play to rent for $6.99 and purchase for $9.99 (SD) or $12.99 (HD). It can be found for the same prices on Vudu and Amazon.

JoBlo Interviews Lindsey about ‘Skylin3s’ Role + Poster Upgrade

[ Written on December 17 2020 by Sarah ]

The Skyline saga ends this Friday, December 18th, with its third entry, Skylines, stylized as SKYLIN3S. As a fan of the early 2000’s Canadian style of sci-fi with Andromeda and Farscape, the Skyline series has always felt right at home to me. It’s ambitious, over-the-top, and a lot of fun. Mix that with some decent effects (especially for the smaller budget), and you get an adventure type of actioner that’s more exciting than grounded and dark.

Skylines is a fun flick and a great end (maybe not?) to the series, which started back a decade ago in 2010. We got to talk with star Lindsey Morgan about the film and much more. Check it out above, and don’t forget to sound off below.

Vertical Entertainment presents SKYLINES in theaters and VOD 18 December

First look at the CW’s ‘Walker’

[ Written on December 15 2020 by Sarah ]

The CW released a teaser trailer with the first footage from Walker. Enjoy!

Skylin3s Now Available for Pre-Order + New Images & Clip

[ Written on December 08 2020 by Sarah ]

Skylin3s is officially available for pre-order to purchase on iTunes. The pre-order price is $12.99, and there is no word yet on if the film will be available for rent at a cheaper price. SKYLIN3S is being released in English-speaking territories on December 18th from Vertical Entertainment.

Yesterday, the first full-length clip was released from the film.

I’ve also uploaded some new stills, posters, and behind the scenes images. I hope you all enjoy!

General Hospital – May 25-June 7, 2012 Screencaps

[ Written on November 15 2020 by Sarah ]

I am very excited to announce that I have finally gotten my hands on most (if not all because sometimes IMDB is not reliable) of Lindsey’s episodes of General Hospital. I hope to have all of the screencaps done before Walker begins. I have uploaded screencaps from the first four episodes, and I hope you all enjoy!

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