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Lindsey Morgan In Her Own Words…

When I was younger, I was quite the tomboy, not because I didn’t like ‘girl’ things but because I didn’t like the exclusivity boys had over ‘boy’ things. The ‘NO GIRLS ALLOWED’ sign is still etched in my mind, and even though the sign bothered me, it also made me curious about what they doing in there, and I was left wondering ‘why can’t I play?”

As a working actress, it still baffles me how in 2017 women are being represented. There are countless auditions available for ‘the slut’, ‘the girlfriend’, ‘the mother’, ‘the bitch’, or ‘the prize’ for the lead male character. I think the amount of archaic stories of women waiting for a man to save them, fix them, and give them purpose is overdone. I always think of Cinderella and wonder if she didn’t have that glass slipper where would she be now? I’d love to see an ending re-write: successful businesswoman Cinderella is now running “Cindr” an all musical, friendly mice cleaning company and is killing it!

I do, however, see hope for the film industry, and believe change is coming in waves. It’s starts with more gratifying, intelligent and complex women roles being written and showcased. I feel the more that we demand to see women portrayed in positive, intelligent and leadership roles, the more it will be the norm. I love knowing there are young woman watching “The 100” and connecting to a character like ass-kicking, mechanical engineer, space whiz Raven Reyes. Who knows, maybe they are being inspired to become our next future female astronauts.

This is why I say (usually to myself), “F the glass ceiling and the glass slipper.” It helps to push and motivate me. I know there are like minded men and women out there ready to shatter glass ceilings with me. I’ve realized that my purpose is not just to ‘entertain’ but to inspire people with my personal story and through each character I embody.

I no longer hesitate to share my opinion and desires for equality. If we are too afraid to ‘speak our truth’, how will change ever be made? I personally feel that if you’re going to get “in trouble” for speaking your mind, it’s probably the BEST reason to get “in trouble”.