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(2014 – 2020) The 100


Lindsey as Raven Reyes

Created By: Jason Rothenberg
Original Network: The CW
Number of Episodes: 78
Production Year: 2013-2020
Original Release: March 26, 2014-September 30, 2020
Running Time: 43 minutes
Other Cast: Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos
Status: Series Regular (seasons 2-7)
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Set ninety-seven years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity’s lone survivors sends one hundred juvenile delinquents back to Earth, in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet.

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– She had to live in a hotel in Vancouver for over six months because her stay on the show kept extending, despite being told Raven was to be killed off at the end of season one. She had only been booked for a certain amount of episodes and was happy to receive the calls stating she would be sticking around longer.
– After Raven was paralyzed in her right leg, Lindsey monitored her body language so the injury could appear believable. Unfortunately, this caused fatigue in Lindsey’s real leg and joint pain.
– Lindsey directed the episode “The Queen’s Gambit”, having taken over for Eliza Taylor who wanted to focus on her health.