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“Everything Hurts” for Raven After That Heartbreaking Death

008It was the scream heard ’round the world.

Or at least around the camp, as Raven (Lindsey Morgan) looked on helplessly while Clarke (Eliza Taylor) stabbed and killed Finn (Thomas McDonnell) in front of everyone from the Ark and all the Grounders in order to spare him a full night of torture at the hands of the Grounders as punishment for massacring a village on The 100. Just thinking about it still brings tears to our eyes!

Logically, what Clarke did was an act of mercy, as there was no saving Finn from death—at least she could spare him hours and hours of agonizing pain. But Finn’s ex Raven will not see it that way when the CW’s post-apocalyptic drama returns tonight…and the action picks up immediately. As in, the moment right after that shocking kill.

“Raven is a little upset,” Morgan tells E! News with a laugh. “And by a little, I mean seriously.”

While everyone in Camp Jaha will understand why Clarke delivered that fatal stab wound, Raven will not be thinking with a clear head at first. But with time, will she be able to come around and see things logically?

“You’ll definitely see that specific question answered in this episode,” Morgan teases. “That said, she’s going to go through waves, where she’ll be fine or happy and then something hits you or reminds you and everything rushes back and you’ll be so sad or angry. Raven’s going to go through the seven steps of grief, and it’s going to keep creeping up on her. You’ll see Raven go through a very human journey.”

Expect to see Raven dealing with her feelings of anger and grief for a long time.

001 “She is stunned,” Morgan says. “I remember filming the final scene of the [midseason] finale, when I screamed, and literally feeling like a boulder just shot from the sky and into my stomach and my whole body just collapsed. Literally, everything just falls on top of her and a weight is on her shoulders. It’s like she’s wearing cement shoes and someone throws her into the ocean at night, and it’s dark and you’re sinking, sinking, sinking and you can’t move. That’s where her head is. It’s just so heavy and dark and everything hurts.”

As for fans who are worried that this act will have a negative effect on Raven and Clarke’s friendship, Morgan reveals that’s a pretty accurate feeling to have.

“Raven can’t believe it that Clarke did this,” Morgan says. “She’s more than stunned. She’s flabbergasted. Clarke sacrificed Finn for the alliance and for the 100 and for her people. In a way, it’s a numbers game for Clarke. ‘If I sacrifice one, I can save 300.’ But to Raven, that one is worth 300.”

Morgan explains that for Raven, losing Finn is more than just losing an ex-boyfriend.

“It breaks Raven’s heart because even though their romantic past is history, they’re still family,” Morgan says. “She knew how much Finn loved Clarke, and it’s so heartbreaking for her to see the boy she loved so much, and the girl he truly loved not return it and kill him! Clarke sacrificed him for 300 strangers. Raven is thinking very narrow-mindedly, and that’s because she’s so hurt. She’s stuck in that spiral with tunnel-vision of what’s right and wrong.”

007 Since Clarke and Raven got over their love triangle issues in season one, is there hope that they can get past this as well?

“This is different, and a lot worse actually,” Morgan says. “It’s not about romantic love, this is about her family. Her friend murdered her family. That’s tough. In the first season, Clarke didn’t know about Raven or Finn’s history. And then when she did learn, Clarke told Finn to go back to Raven, because she knew how much Raven needed him.”

She continues, “She knew how much he meant to Raven. As far as Raven overcoming this and getting back to being friends with Clarke, a lot is going to happen between them and also with the entire camp, and this is going to affect Raven for a long time.”