JoBlo Interviews Lindsey about ‘Skylin3s’ Role + Poster Upgrade

[ Written on December 17 2020 by Sarah ]

The Skyline saga ends this Friday, December 18th, with its third entry, Skylines, stylized as SKYLIN3S. As a fan of the early 2000’s Canadian style of sci-fi with Andromeda and Farscape, the Skyline series has always felt right at home to me. It’s ambitious, over-the-top, and a lot of fun. Mix that with some decent effects (especially for the smaller budget), and you get an adventure type of actioner that’s more exciting than grounded and dark.

Skylines is a fun flick and a great end (maybe not?) to the series, which started back a decade ago in 2010. We got to talk with star Lindsey Morgan about the film and much more. Check it out above, and don’t forget to sound off below.

Vertical Entertainment presents SKYLINES in theaters and VOD 18 December

First Trailer for ‘Skylin3s’ Released

[ Written on October 22 2020 by Sarah ]

Hello, everyone! The first trailer for Lindsey’s film Skylin3s has been released, and it looks EPIC. The film is currently making the rounds at a few festivals, and will receive a wide release on December 18th.

‘The 100’ Season 7 Extended Trailer

[ Written on May 08 2020 by Sarah ]

‘The 100’ Season Six Trailer Debuts

[ Written on March 28 2019 by Sarah ]

Enjoy and speculate away on what is in store for this season!

Raven and Murphy Learn Diyoza’s Dangerous History

[ Written on May 14 2018 by Sarah ]

Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and Murphy (Richard Harmon), who have remained behind on board the Eligius to keep a close watch on the hundreds of prisoners left in cryo-sleep, learn a little more about their formidable new threat. Raven, curious and concerned for her people, pulls up Diyoza’s file and shares some distressing facts.

“She was something they called a Navy SEAL,” Raven reads, as headlines about Diyoza appear on screen behind Murphy. “She became a terrorist. Bombing campaigns, assassinations. At the time of her arrest, she was the most wanted criminal in the world.” In other words, Diyoza will be a formidable enemy for Bellamy to face — even if they’re holding Diyoza’s fellow ex-cons hostage. “We’re threatening to kill her people,” Murphy wryly observes. “What could go wrong?” Spoiler alert: plenty.


The 100 | Season 5 – Lindsey Interview (Video)

[ Written on April 23 2018 by Sarah ]

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