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For several seasons of The 100, it seemed like Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) getting tortured was as much of a constant as Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) pulling levers. Raven suffered through losing the use of her leg, then she was possessed by ALIE, then she was subjected to her brain deteriorating, then she struggled with her semi-adoptive mother causing her injury to obtain painkillers (tearfully and apologetically, but nonetheless).

Though The 100 is always coming up with new ways to cause its characters pain, Raven — despite her brilliance and razor-sharp wit — seemed to traditionally get the worst of it, no matter what “it” was. Season 5 at least gave her a brief flicker of happiness, but could Season 6 allow Raven a little less suffering and a little more joy?

We chatted with Lindsey Morgan about Raven’s relationship with Miles Shaw (Jordan Bolger), what Raven thinks of Abby Griffin (Paige Turco) in the aftermath of that heartbreaking addiction storyline, and Raven’s mindset as she heads to a new planet for the second time.

I know you had been saying you hoped Raven would be happy. Was it nice to see that and be playing that, for parts of Season 5?
Lindsey Morgan: Yeah! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see too much of Spacekru, but the idea of it was nice. I think she found some happiness with Shaw. I think Shaw became a silver lining in the dark, dark gloomy world of The 100. So that was an unexpected joy, for her.

As for Raven and Shaw — how did you feel about Raven’s new romance?
It was an unexpected delight, essentially. Shaw’s very special to her because I don’t think Raven ever feels that understood, because she is so technically smart and so interested in science and mechanics. To find a kindred spirit who is involved the way she is, that’s special, to her. They can go toe-to-toe and connect through that.

But also, Shaw is a very good, moral person. He has a very good heart, and that’s very important to Raven. She respects him for that. And he happened to be there during one of her most difficult times, with her loss of Abby as a surrogate mother. He was there, and he saw her and knew her pain. Some people might say it happened fast, but I think when you find a twin flame in that sense, you’re bonded. You’re deeply connected without needing that much time.

You mentioned Abby — does Raven forgive her for what she did? How is Raven feeling about Abby going forward?
That was a hard one. That was a hard one because Abby conflicts Raven so deeply, with her values. Raven’s always going to protect the ones she loves, and Abby is dear to her. But Raven will not stand for poor behavior, and Abby broke her heart when she became addicted. Raven had lived through that with her mother. When Abby started acting like that, Raven had two choices: to either revert back to childhood, or to stand her ground and be the adult that she has built for herself — the strength and heart she has built for herself. She chose that.

She chose to not enable her, and essentially refused to participate in the behavior. In doing so, it pushed her away, and they were done. But it still weighs [on her], and that’s the problem when you love someone with that disease. She wrestles a lot with how she approaches her, what she’s going to do and you’re really going to see that happen in Season 6, the ramifications of that.

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Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and Murphy (Richard Harmon), who have remained behind on board the Eligius to keep a close watch on the hundreds of prisoners left in cryo-sleep, learn a little more about their formidable new threat. Raven, curious and concerned for her people, pulls up Diyoza’s file and shares some distressing facts.

“She was something they called a Navy SEAL,” Raven reads, as headlines about Diyoza appear on screen behind Murphy. “She became a terrorist. Bombing campaigns, assassinations. At the time of her arrest, she was the most wanted criminal in the world.” In other words, Diyoza will be a formidable enemy for Bellamy to face — even if they’re holding Diyoza’s fellow ex-cons hostage. “We’re threatening to kill her people,” Murphy wryly observes. “What could go wrong?” Spoiler alert: plenty.


“A Look At Season 4: From The Ashes” from elizataylorsource on Vimeo.

ALIE might still be alive?

At the end of season three, Clarke pulled the plug on The City of Light, effective killing ALIE1… or so it seemed. ALIE did upload her consciousness to the part of the Ark still orbiting and, in the trailer for season four, we see something pursuing Miller, Raven, and the others through the woods. It has a Terminator-like target screen and, as Raven dodges the bullets, she seems to look up to the sky. Are ALIE’s drones still chasing the Arkadia clan? And, if so, does this mean ALIE is still alive?

The radiation is the biggest immediate threat.

“We have to focus on the radiation,” Raven tells Bellamy, among others, “finding someplace safe.” Though this seems like a relatively cut-and-dry plan, it’s less easy in execution. In the next sequence, we see Bellamy, Miller, and Monty fighting against some of the Grounders. Can’t we all just get along guys?

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From Entertainment Weekly:

There have been a number of contenders for The 100’s season 3 Big Bad: The Ice Queen seemed like a ruthless foe, but Lexa dealt with her quickly. Pike was a thorn in everyone’s side, but he’s since been captured. Ontari certainly wants to be a force to be reckoned with, but she’s more fun than fearsome. So that leaves us with A.L.I.E., a computer software intent on taking over the world.

Jaha, the Pinky to A.L.I.E.’s The Brain, has been recruiting as many Arkadians as possible to join them in the City of Light. They thought they had converted a serious ally in Raven Reyes (played by Lindsey Morgan), but instead she became the first person to fight for her free will and resist the AI.

That unique ability to fight back against A.L.I.E. is a character strength that Morgan loves about Raven: “For such a long time, Raven has just been beat down and beat down by life in this world,” the actress tells EW. “You kind of forget the super smart, funky badass space mechanic who flew down in a pod she built herself and pulled out a knife on Bellamy because he took her radio. We haven’t seen that Raven in so long because she’s been so troubled for so long. I think it’s is a nice reminder that this girl is no joke.”

Unfortunately, even Raven has her limits. In episode 10, A.L.I.E. gave Raven what she asked for and revoked her pass to the City of Light, resulting in a heartbreaking scene that saw all of Raven’s forgotten memories flooding to the surface at once. As an actress, Morgan felt it was important to convey with her body everything that was going on in Raven’s mind; she approached the episode’s director, Matt Barber, and asked that he relay the exact sequence of the memories that would be running through Raven’s head. “I wanted each memory of it to be different, [and] the expression of it to be different, because I’m going to feel differently about being drilled for bone marrow than remembering my boyfriend being murdered by one of my best friends,” she says. “And even though it’s just acting, it’s still an experience. It’s almost like these memories are real and they are inside of you — because you did live through them in a sense, especially the dark ones. You trick your body into thinking you’re going through trauma, and your body doesn’t forget anything. I can touch my leg and remember the surgery, and the necklace reminds Raven of Finn; I have little triggers to help me remember and bring those memories to the forefront.”

Following that harrowing scene, A.L.I.E. took full synaptic control of Raven’s brain; our badass space mechanic was simply too weakened by the trauma to keep her out. Now that Clarke and Jasper are fleeing with Raven, the race is on to save her, which is the focus of Thursday’s episode, “Nevermore.”

And who better to save Raven than the old gang? Although Clarke, Monty, Jasper, Bellamy, and Octavia have all been at odds in one way or another this entire season, they’ll have to put that on hold. “They all come together for one purpose — and that’s to try to save Raven,” Morgan explains. “It’s nice that they put aside their differences for a greater cause.”

Morgan enjoys working with the group again on a personal level (“I love when we can all be in scenes together because we do enjoy each other so much and everyone works great together — and this is technically the first time the entire season long that we’ve had a chance to be together in the same room”), but also on a show level. She says the essence of episode 11 goes back to what “the 100” are all about.

“We protect our people, but mostly we protect each other,” she says of the original group. “We were the ones who came down here together, so really the ultimate bond is there in the 100 kids themselves.”

From TVGuide:

After putting up a valiant fight on last week’s The 100, Raven (Lindsey Morgan) gave herself over to A.L.I.E. (Erica Cerra) completely. But never one to give up on her people, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) will lead the fight for Raven’s soul in Thursday’sepisode while the heartless A.I. does everything she can to protect her secrets – even if it means sacrificing Raven. spoke with Morgan about the new dangers Raven is facing, what A.L.I.E.’s real plan is and more. Check out everything she revealed in the interview below.

How did you feel when you learned Raven would become one of A.L.I.E.’s pod people?

I had an inkling of knowledge to it in the beginning of the season when Jason [Rothenberg] was pitching this whole Matrix scenario with the City of Light and how Raven would be integral to it. It was very exciting, because I feel like the show hadn’t been that science-fiction-y. I was really interested in doing a really science fiction-based story because it’s something I feel like I hadn’t done yet.

Raven’s kind of a villain right now. Raven’s always trying to do the best she can for the group. Aside from the couple of mistakes she’s made, she’s always been a protagonist. So it was really interesting brutally fighting against my castmates, against characters and people I’ve spent three years constantly trying to save. I was really interested in that, and also interested in the acting exercise of, “what do you do when you’re mind-controlled by a supercomputer?” Like, that’s never happened to me before in life, so I love the challenge it brings.

What state is Raven in when we see her next? And what does her time in captivity look like?

Raven held out as long as she could, but she finally fully submitted to A.L.I.E. and with that comes compete and utter cognitive control over Raven’s mind, Raven’s body, everything she does. Raven’s no longer there. It’s A.L.I.E. that’s pulling the strings in her mind. So it’s really interesting to see Raven under full control of somebody else, and ultimately someone who is the adversary to all her friends. So you see A.L.I.E. working through the filter of Raven, and A.L.I.E. looks at Jasper or Bellamy, someone that’s holding her captive, and A.L.I.E. says, “enemy.” And Raven looks at them and all she sees is, “enemy.” She no longer sees Jasper or Bellamy. She doesn’t have any recollection of who these people are until it’s beneficial for A.L.I.E. to know.

Jasper (Devon Bostick) doesn’t understand everything the chip does. He doesn’t understand the extent to which Raven has been compromised. …. And now that Arkadia has fallen, he’s running for his life and he took Raven with him trying to save her. And whatever Raven sees, whatever Raven hears, A.L.I.E. hears and she collects that information. He blindfolded her and is trying to take her to some remote location. … But it doesn’t really matter where Jasper takes her geographically, because A.L.I.E.’s embedded in her brain.

Clarke has the A.I. that A.L.I.E. has been after, and now she’s brought it straight to her in a way. How will the Flame factor into the episode?

The Flame literally raises the stakes from a 7 to a 15. Everything is culminating in this point. And now that A.L.I.E. has taken Arkadia, A.L.I.E.’s that much stronger. The more minds she has, the more influence and power she has. She’s stronger than ever. Her army’s at full capacity, basically. And now she has her secret weapon, her right-hand pod person, Raven, in the room with the very thing she has been searching for for this entire season. So A.L.I.E. is so close to victory she can taste it. And the Hundred, the kids, are so screwed. They don’t even know, but if A.L.I.E. gets the Flame, they’re done. The Hundred will be extinct, essentially, when she takes them all and erases their minds. So everything is at the boiling point as far as what’s going to happen.

A.L.I.E. said that conquering Arkadia was only Stage 1. What can you say about A.L.I.E.’s main goal?

A.L.I.E. doesn’t think she’s bad. A.L.I.E. doesn’t think she’s a villain. A.L.I.E.’s just doing what she’s made to do and what Becca created her to do, and that’s save the human race. And in A.L.I.E.’s mind, saving the human race means enlisting them into the City of Light. Because she has factored into her A.L.I.E. mind that what’s wrong with humanity is pain, because pain ultimately causes humanity to be violent against one another, kill one another, get revenge. So once she factors out pain in the equation, then humans are peaceful. … However, what A.L.I.E. doesn’t understand is that pain also makes us human, and she’s stripping away the humanity and mortality of us. And because she is a computer, she can only do what she’s created to do. So she’ll literally stop at nothing to finish what her programming is created to do. So that’s A.L.I.E.’s ultimate end goal. In a way, she’s trying to make the world a better place. She’s trying to save humanity, but just going about it the wrong way.

The photos released from the episode reveal Niylah (Jessica Harmon) returns this week. What can you reveal about her return and whether or not she brought that wristband with her?

I think that’s interesting because as big as our world is now – especially with characters like Niylah and Polis and everything – everyone’s still essential to the ultimate story. So Niylah being in the premiere with the wristband obviously is why she’s coming into this episode. If you saw [last week’s episode], Raven had the idea of using the wristbands as a way to disconnect from A.L.I.E. … But also, Niylah has had her own personal journey through everything that’s happened while everyone else was gone. So you get to see what Niylah’s been through and how the Hundred and Skaikru have affected her and her life. Every choice and action have a consequence, and it’s not just affected our core characters. It’s affecting our entire world and it’s interesting to see that all play out.

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Raven has taken the worst physical hits of any of the Arkers starting with her trip to the ground, being shot by Murphy to the explosion at Mount Weather last season. The emotional hits haven’t been much easier for her either.

BuddyTV caught up with Lindsey Morgan during the Television Critics Association Press Tour to find out why Raven won’t let anyone help her, the extend of her physical and emotional pain, Raven’s relationship with Abby and what’s coming up for her in this week’s episode.

Early this season, we find Raven very alone and keeping everything in. Why does she feel like she had to keep it to herself?

I feel like everyone deals with pain and depression in different ways. I think it’s very interesting to have Jasper to juxtapose with Raven. Jasper is very reactive and very emotional. He’s pushing his pain by getting drunk and getting in fights with people whereas Raven feels like if there is something wrong with her, it’s her duty to fix it and her burden to bear. She doesn’t want to– she’s such a self-sufficient person, she would never want to present it upon anyone else.

With that in her personality code, it makes someone going through pain or anything to be– she pushes everyone away because she doesn’t want anyone to see her weakness. Also, she doesn’t want to see her weakness. She doesn’t want to admit to herself this is happening. She’s doing everything she can to bear it, but sometimes it’s too heavy.

How much is emotional versus physical? Which is affecting her more?

She’s definitely going through chronic pain with her body and along with that comes depression which is the consequence of that. She’s always in pain. She wakes up hurting. She wakes up in the middle of the night hurting. She can’t ever stop. And even her heart. It’s still broken from everything that’s happen.

Not just Finn, but everything they’ve been through. All the horror. All the stress. All the terror. Her and Wick broke up. She doesn’t really have any comfort. She never feels well. I would say as much as it is physical, the emotional one is becoming greater because she can’t control it. And it really freaks her out.

Abby comes to her and they have such a good dynamic and friendship. Raven lashes out at Abby and hits her where it hurts. Will we see them overcome that and be each others support since Abby needs Raven as much.

Totally. You are going to see Raven and Abby go through a lot together and it’s going to be awhile before there’s any reconciliation. It’s almost like Abby’s the closest person Raven has at the moment so Raven’s pushing her the farthest away.

The person who can help her the most.

Right? It writes itself.

On what’s coming up for Raven in The 100 Season 3 Episode 3, “Ye Who Enter Here”

Raven finally has a purpose and finally has a task, finally has something that she can put her mind on that isn’t how much am I hurting today. That kind of gives Raven a new– a rejuvenation, a new life. She throws herself head on into something that is bigger than her and is something that she can’t–

It’s almost an impossible task, but she’s like,”I can do it. I can do it.” And she’s forcing it upon herself to do it. You see her so excited to have something she can win at only to know that it’s impossible to win. She set the standard so high and she’s setting herself up for failure and that’s when she really breaks. She has Sinclair to help her out and to motivate her to keep going so she tries.

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