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Lindsey Dishes On The Explosive Walker Season 1 Finale, Her Season 2 Arc

The CW’s “Walker” has captivated fans since the first promo featured Jared Padalecki donning his cowboy hat — and the show’s popularity has only grown ever since. Since the show earned a very early renewal, fans are already looking forward to another season of Padalecki’s Cordell Walker kicking butt and taking names alongside his partner Micki Ramirez, played by Lindsey Morgan (“General Hospital” and the CW’s “The 100”).

While we can’t help but wonder what Season 2 has in store, we have to get through the “Walker” Season 1 finale first — and it’s a big one. The first season hinges on what happened to Cordell’s wife Emily, and the mystery unravels and finally comes to a head in the last episode.

Looper spoke to Lindsey Morgan during an exclusive interview, and she dished on the Season 1 finale, teased her Season 2 arc, revealed the wildest thing Jared Padalecki has done on set, and reminisced about her final days on “The 100.”

Your character has had a tremendous amount of character growth between the first episode and the Season 1 finale. What has it been like watching Micki go from being fairly insecure in her relationship and her career to really embracing and trusting the badass that she is and going after what she wants?
[Laughs] It’s been amazing. I love that we get to see Micki’s journey and just how much she grows into herself. And then how, just like you said, how powerful she feels in her body and trusting herself and trusting her instincts and believing in herself and now really trusting others and opening her heart and really going for it. It’s been a joy to play, and it’s just been a joy to see for sure.

That’s awesome. Micki’s death glare when she’s scolding Walker is incredible. How much of that is acting, and how much of that is real when you’re in a scene with Jared? And does he ever try to get you to break on set?
That’s just my face when I see Jared Padalecki. No, I’m just kidding. I love the death glare. That’s the classic Micki. But Jared is so funny, and he is constantly razzing me and constantly pulling pranks on me. So I’ve just come to accept it now. But it has been really fun. I feel like Micki and Walker have great banter. And so it’s just a fun atmosphere to play with, and Jared’s always game, if not one-upping me constantly.

It’s so funny because I asked Molly Hagan if he ever pulled any pranks, but I guess he respects her role as matriarch. [Laughs] What has he done to you?
Oh my gosh, this is probably my favorite. We were in the pilot, and this was when I was driving home, and he was drunk, and I hadn’t really revealed who I was yet. And I was just kind of watching him. So it was kind of just a tense moment of silence, and he put a fart machine in the car and let it rip during one of these silent beats. And I just died laughing. I was like “What was that?” So it’s pretty notorious.

Without giving anything away, it looks like Micki is going to have an incredible arc in Season 2 based on the Season 1 finale. Can you tease anything about where she’s headed and what you’re most excited about going into the next season?
I mean, as you saw in the finale, Micki is probably going to be going undercover, and it’s such a big moment for her. Because essentially, it is a career promotion. She’s really kicked so much ass as a ranger, and Captain James really believes in her and thinks she is the right person for this job. And it’s a huge honor.

But also, more importantly, she’s doing it to protect Walker — she personally feels if anyone should do it, it should be her. However, she spent the whole first season building this really beautiful family life that she never really had before. She kind of was a lone wolf, and now she has this amazing relationship — a budding relationship with Trey that could be taking the next step. She’s really connected with her mother and now her [birth] mother in ways she’s never before.

And she’s really introducing this, the importance in this life of family that she’s never had before. But now, into the question of will all her hard work crumble? How much will going undercover affect her home life? And we saw firsthand how much Walker going undercover affected his and how many bridges he had to rebuild. And so Micki, of course, is thinking that won’t happen to her, and she’ll have a different experience, and she can handle it all. But I do understand. I do question and wonder how one will affect the other, because I think it has to.

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Lindsey Says Micki Would ‘go the distance for her partner’

Everything has led to this. As the first season of Walker approaches its big finale, the titular Texas Ranger (played by Jared Padalecki) is face-to-face with his wife’s killer, and what he decides to do next will affect everyone he loves. Ahead of the big episode, EW spoke with star Lindsey Morgan about Micki’s season-long journey and how she’ll react to Walker’s current predicament.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What do you feel has been the biggest evolution in Micki over the season?
LINDSEY MORGAN: I really feel like you saw Micki learn to trust — not only the people in her life, but you also saw her learn to trust herself. She started the season very guarded and a bit jaded about law enforcement, and through the season you see her constantly getting surprised by these new people in her life, whether it be Walker or Captain James [Coby Bell], who not only support her but believe in her. In her love life, she and Trey [Jeff Pierre] have been hooking up for years but it was never anything serious, and it really was Micki who kept that at bay. I think she did that because she didn’t trust love. But she’s been able to let her walls down. Same with Walker, he really holds space for her. Through that she realizes, I don’t have to do everything by the book. She has a lot more aspects of Walker inside of her than she even realized. She was living so strait-laced, I think because she felt like she had a target on her back as a woman and a woman of color in this very Caucasian and masculine space that the moment she stepped a toe out of line, she thought she was going to be punished. But she’s learning that it’s a supportive space, and through her work there she can elicit change. But she has to trust herself.

I feel like we’ve been watching her slowly exhale.
Yes, like let her hair down! Let it out of the bun. I completely agree. And there’s subtle things we’ll do too, like her uniform’s not always done perfectly, and that would change over the season. You got to see her relax. She’s really finding her groove.

What’s it been like for you to get to play out her work-life struggle?
I found that so fascinating. We have so many women in law enforcement, and I feel like we don’t really see their journeys mixed with work and home. The thing we see in mainstream media is mainly work. We don’t see their home life and we don’t see how that job and how that duty affects their relationships. I love that we get to explore that, and I love that she’s at an age of really navigating the future. Is that children? Is that family? Is that a home? What does that mean for my career? It’s no longer just about me anymore, so how do I plant those seeds for the next chapter?

At this point, do you feel like she trusts Walker completely?
One hundred percent. I think she had this really interesting moment when she first learned that her mother wasn’t her real mother and instead of calling Trey, she called Walker. Walker has consistently shown up for her. Even though she’s highly resistant to this friendship at first, he’s persistent, and that means a lot to her even though she doesn’t say it. I love that they’re able to be honest with each other and there’s respect and trust in a very platonic way. There isn’t a pressure of romance at all, and I love that they can go to each other for perspective. It’s a really special bond, and I love that it’s not romantic. It’s really unique.

She has a bit of an outsider perspective in that she didn’t know Emily [Genevieve Padalecki] but she’s now so involved with the Walker family, so how does she feel about Walker taking Stan?
For her, Walker and the Walker family are family. She didn’t know Emily, she wasn’t quite involved in this case, but she’s immersed in it now and you see Micki grapple with: Do I do it by the book or do I do it by my heart? Walker taught her to do it by her heart first, and Walker and his family are very much a part of her now. She trusts that he’s not wrong and if he’s going to go to such extreme lengths, there has to be a reason. At this point she’d go the distance for her partner. There’s so much love for that family. She’ll do anything to protect them.

Looking forward to season 2, is there an aspect of Micki or her life you’d like to explore a bit more?
I feel like in season 1 you got to see Micki as a beginner. She was trying a lot of different things. I feel like she’s found her groove and been able to trust herself and feel good in her skin, so now I just want to see Micki kick ass. No more fear! I want to see what she can do, I want to push those boundaries a bit.


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The Skyline saga ends this Friday, December 18th, with its third entry, Skylines, stylized as SKYLIN3S. As a fan of the early 2000’s Canadian style of sci-fi with Andromeda and Farscape, the Skyline series has always felt right at home to me. It’s ambitious, over-the-top, and a lot of fun. Mix that with some decent effects (especially for the smaller budget), and you get an adventure type of actioner that’s more exciting than grounded and dark.

Skylines is a fun flick and a great end (maybe not?) to the series, which started back a decade ago in 2010. We got to talk with star Lindsey Morgan about the film and much more. Check it out above, and don’t forget to sound off below.

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Lindsey On The 100’s Finale: ‘The Finale Won’t Please Every Fans’

The 100’s fans are eagerly waiting the French release of Season 7, which will be available next September on SYFY France. The final season is airing in the US and according to Lindsey Morgan, aka Raven, the upcoming episodes might not please everyone.

Fans have to prepare themselves: the end of the post-apocalyptic series might not be for everyone according to Lindsey Morgan, aka Raven. Serieously interviewed the actress to talk about the latest round of episodes, including the finale set to air this summer in the United States. And while many series’ seasons finales have disappointed the fans, The 100’s may be no exception, according to the actress.

American star we gave a Serieously Award last year said, “I have to be honest, when I have had read the script for the last episode, I cried a lot. But not only for the story being told, also because a page turns, after 7 seasons and 100 episodes ”.

A bittersweet finale according to Lindsey Morgan

So, according to Lindsey, will fans like the series finale? “It’s hard to say,” Raven’s actress confesses. She adds, “Let’s say the finale is bittersweet and clearly not everyone will like it. I know the fans have high expectations, some want to see particular storlinyes unraveled, others are hoping for something else… so inevitably not everyone will like it. But for me, I am satisfied, I think that we will offer a good end to our fanbase”.

While many fans are worried about Raven since Episode 3 aired, Lindsey Morgan is expected to appear in nearly every episode of the season. However, it remains to be seen which characters are at risk of dying by the end… because there will undoubtedly be many of them.

The 100 season 7 should be broadcast at the start of the next school year on SYFY France… Be a little more patience to discover the final episodes of the cult teen-series!



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