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13 ‘The 100′ Moments That Took Your Feelings And Stomped Them Into The Ground

7. When we thought the Arkers were going to rescue Raven (Lindsey Morgan) from being cut and stabbed multiple times, but ended up having to listen to her screams of agony.

Thankfully, Raven didn’t die or suffer permanent injury from those stab wounds, but she almost did. Clarke finally realized what happened with the poison, but it was after the torture had begun. Better late than never, I guess?

8. And then, when we thought Clarke, Bellamy and Monty (Christopher Larkin) would pull through and save Raven from the drill, only to have to listen to her agonizing screams again.

You gotta give Raven credit, though. She is one tough woman. For real, she was stabbed a bunch of times, went through surgery without any anesthesia and had a drill plowed through her flesh. What made this equally heartbreaking was watching Kyle (Steve Talley) thrash at his restraints, trying to help her.

11. When we prayed Raven’s legs worked perfectly after Abby removed the bullet in her spine, but then found out she had nerve damage on her left leg.

Finn’s pained expression once he realized Raven would never be the same tugged at our heartstrings. But it was Raven’s cry of, “But I’m still crippled” that tore our heart out and threw it across the room.