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ALIE might still be alive?

At the end of season three, Clarke pulled the plug on The City of Light, effective killing ALIE1… or so it seemed. ALIE did upload her consciousness to the part of the Ark still orbiting and, in the trailer for season four, we see something pursuing Miller, Raven, and the others through the woods. It has a Terminator-like target screen and, as Raven dodges the bullets, she seems to look up to the sky. Are ALIE’s drones still chasing the Arkadia clan? And, if so, does this mean ALIE is still alive?

The radiation is the biggest immediate threat.

“We have to focus on the radiation,” Raven tells Bellamy, among others, “finding someplace safe.” Though this seems like a relatively cut-and-dry plan, it’s less easy in execution. In the next sequence, we see Bellamy, Miller, and Monty fighting against some of the Grounders. Can’t we all just get along guys?

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“The 100” Returns Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 9pm


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“The 100” star Lindsey Morgan has been set as the lead in the independent thriller “Lasso,” Variety has learned.

Evan Cecil is directing from a script by Roberto Marinas. Elaine Gibson is the producer.

The thriller centers around Morgan’s character and Andrew Jacobs’ character as they navigate life working for a senior community center. Their lives are turned upside down when they find themselves fighting to stay alive against a group of psycho, bloodthirsty cowboys from the local rodeo.

Morgan’s character holds a huge amount of guilt for not keeping the senior citizens safe and takes on the duty of ensuring their safety throughout the film.

Morgan portrays Raven Reyes in the CW drama “The 100,” which is currently airing its third season and has been renewed for a fourth. She also starred on “General Hospital” in 2012-13 as Kristina Davis.

Jacobs played the lead in 2014’s “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.” Cecil’s TV credits include “Wives With Knives,” “The Day I Almost Died” and “Sex Sent Me to the Slammer.”


The network announced Friday that “The Night Shift” will kick off its third season on Wednesday, June 1 at 10. That will give it a three-week head start opposite CBS’ new scripted drama “American Gothic,” which bows June 22.

As previously posted, Lindsey will appear in the third episode of the season. This means that her episode will likely air on June 15th – two weeks after the season 3 premiere.


No word yet on episode order or when it will premiere.


TVLine has confirmed that the actress will guest-star on the third episode of Season 3 as Kryztal, a high-strung bride whose injury in a wedding-day accident reveals a deeper and more complicated medical problem — one aggravated by the presence of her previously absentee father, who she believes ruined her wedding.

As of now, the air date for the episode is TBA.


Just last week Lindsey confirmed that she was filming for the Night Shift in New Mexico.

Bob Morley confirmed on Saturday that Lindsey is currently filming a new project in New Mexico. No official statement has been released yet, and the project is TBA. Nevertheless, we are excited to see what Lindsey does while the 100 is on filming hiatus!

PixlTV posted on their facebook that Casa Vita will premiere on in just two weeks on February 6th. Also, they posted a new poster for the film. Enjoy!



For Playboy’s Becoming Attraction series, breakout star of the CW series The 100 Lindsey Morgan showed us just how adventurous she really is. “I’m not afraid of pushing myself to my physical limits and being the woman who stands out,” she says. This makes sense, considering her badass role on TV mirrors her real-life persona. From intense water polo matches to trekking across Asia, Lindsey is everything she appears to be.

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