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PixlTV posted on their facebook that Casa Vita will premiere on in just two weeks on February 6th. Also, they posted a new poster for the film. Enjoy!



A true Southern Belle at heart, Lindsey Morgan was born in Georgia and raised in Texas where she began her acting career during her first year of college at The University of Texas. Since then, she’s managed to get roles in movies such as Detention, which also starred (and was produced by) The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson and appeared on shows such as How I Met Your Mother, Supah Ninjas, and a regular role on ABC’s hit daytime soap General Hospital where she played the role of the “jaded hell-raiser” Kristina Davis. Fun fact: This role actually got her a nomination for the 41st Daytime Emmy’s in the Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series category in 2013.

She now currently stars on CW’s The 100 where she plays Raven Reyes, a feisty mechanic who is just as driven and honest as Lindsey herself. We got the chance to speak about her thoughts on The 100‘s newfound success, what she thinks is going to be in season 3, how she prepared to take on and portray Raven’s disability, and her next role as Ariana Vita in the PixL TV movie Casa Vita.

Teenplicity: Why do you think The 100 has become as popular as it is now?

Lindsey Morgan: I think The 100 has become so popular because it is not like any other show on TV right now for its targeted audience. We have multiple strong female characters in leadership roles and not having a typical catfight over the boy. I think a lot of girls respond to that positively, but our show has plenty of action for the boys. So I think the show has something for everyone and it is done in such a thrilling, captivating way.

T: What is your favorite thing about how Raven’s character has developed and why? (asked by Anonymous on Tumblr)

LM: Raven was always a badass from the beginning, but she was not the easiest to be around. I think her development has brought to her a new understanding of people and shown her the ability to open her heart to others. She actually has friends now and has become more of a team player than just her and Finn against the world. As well as her disability, it has shown how tough her inner strength is and has tested her will. She never gives up, but she has come dangerously close.

T: Raven has definitely gone through a lot of emotional events with the death of Finn and dealing with her leg brace, what else can we expect to see from her?

cw-100-lindsey-morgan-casa-vita-pixlThe CW actress will star opposite ABC Family’s “Baby Daddy” star Jean Luc Bilodeau on PixL feature.

Lindsey Morgan will play a woman that dreams big in the Pixl television movie, “Casa Vita,” TheWrap has learned exclusively.

“The 100″ actress will star in the lead role of Ariana Vita in the TV movie opposite ABC Family’s “Baby Daddy” star Jean Luc Bilodeau.

Described as a Latina, who’s intelligent and gorgeous, Arianna is hardworking with a passion for food. She works at her family’s restaurant and frequently butts heads with her stubborn father.

“Casa Vita” follows a young man (Bilodeau) living on an Iowa farm, who is determined to pursue his dream of becoming a professional baseball player and becomes elated when he is invited to a major league tryout camp in Los Angeles. He’ll end up meeting an equally impassioned young woman (Morgan) with a desire to pursue her dream of having her own restaurant. They’ll learn that it’s not always a bad thing when dreams take a bit of a detour.
Written by Michael Stiles and Nathan Atkins and directed by Ernie Barbarash. The film will be produced by Larry Livens, and will air on PixL.

Morgan currently recurs as Raven Reyes” on The CW’s “The 100.” She has also starred on “General Hospital.” She has also appeared on TNT’s “Franklin & Bash” and ABC’s “Happy Endings,” among other shows.


001 Recently, I was given the opportunity to see a screening of the short film 5 Stages, starring Lee Amir-Cohen and Lindsey Morgan. The film centers around Cal and Aubrey, a couple realizing that their relationship has deteriorated. In a short eight minute run time – the film packs a punch which includes all five stages of loss and grief. The song “Only You (And You Alone)” by the Platters haunts the film, serving as both opening and ending music. This is the only music used in the film, and from the moment it begins to play, the viewer knows that something is wrong.

Stage 1) Denial and Isolation – the film opens with Cal playing “Only You” alone in a dark apartment. This scene only lasts for a moment, but there is a sense that he has been waiting for some time. As Aubrey stumbles into the apartment, we see more of the area. Alcohol bottles litter a table. Has Cal been drinking? During the calm before the metaphorical storm, their relationship seems as though it’s not on the brink of ending. Even obvious passion can’t save a strained relationship.

Stage 2) Anger – the deterioration of the couple’s relationship occurs after a fight that Cal sparked because Aubrey has been out drinking until 5:07 in the morning. A fight soon ensues. A drink becomes a few drinks then come the accusations of Aubrey’s behavior.

Stage 3) Bargaining – shortly before the fight, the two begin to kiss and begin the preludes to having sex. In that scene, both are ignoring the fact that she has been out late. It is only when Cal tastes whiskey on Aubrey’s lips that the fight actually begins.

Stage 4) Depression – this stage seems to go along with denial and isolation. We see Cal physically isolated at the beginning of the film. Aubrey has been out with her friends, but the only thing we know about Cal’s night is that he has been waiting for Aubrey. Along with subtle clues that he too might have been drinking – he has been lamenting over their relationship alone; however, Aubrey’s behavior (drinking, partying, and sleeping with other men) also shows that something in their relationship is not right.

Stage 5) Acceptance – “What the fuck are we doing, Cal?” Aubrey asks him. “I don’t know anymore,” he replies. They sit on the floor together, and Cal offers Aubrey a cigarette (something he previously chastised her over). He begins to smoke and “Only You” begins to play again. The viewer is filled with the sense that these two have accepted that something is wrong in their relationship. However, there is no explicit statement that they have or will break-up.

The film was beautifully done, wonderfully written, and the acting top notch. Both Lee Amir-Cohen and Lindsey Morgan did a fantastic job portraying this strained couple. Viewers could feel the growing animosity that had long been developing between the characters. In eight minutes, Lee Amir-Cohen was able to show all five stages of grief and loss within this deteriorating relationship, and in a way that was visually appealing and interesting.

Enjoy the Behind the Scenes video of 5 Stages.