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The 100 returned tonight after nearly a month away, and it brought with it a chance for survival.

With just six days left before the onslaught of radiation, a bunker has been found that can save about 1200 people from the newest apocalypse, but it’s not exactly a perfect solution.

Of course, because this is The 100, it wasn’t as simple as packing everybody up and moving them into the bunker in an orderly fashion. Many people saw it as a choice between dying above ground or dooming themselves to a hole underground for who knows how long, and many didn’t like the idea of that second choice. And then there was the matter of determining how the clans would share the bunker, or if they’d share at all.

Now, a war is breaking out with no commander to unite the clans, Jasper’s at the head of a group of stubborn apocalypse partyers, and one dying scientist decided to make an entirely different choice.

Instead of dying in the radiation or even eventually dying from her brain issues in the bunker, Raven is planning to take the rocket up into space, take one last spacewalk, and die doing what she loves most.

“Tell them I floated myself,” she said, laughing, to Murphy (Richard Harmon) when he asked what he should tell the others.

Lindsey Morgan, who plays Raven, says that it took her a while to understand what Raven had decided to do.

“At first, I was shocked, because I felt it was very selfish, and I feel like Raven is one of the most selfless people ever,” Morgan told E! News over the phone. “She’s always putting others before her. She’s always sacrificing herself for the team, but then it kind of made sense to me when I realized that because she’s so smart, she’s been kind of denying the facts and denying the research and denying the science behind what was happening to her, and she finally can’t deny it anymore.”

Now, Raven is doing something for herself for a change.

“I felt her decision, in the end, was actually very mature, because she’s expecting her death,” Morgan continued. “Instead of running away from it by being in denial, she’s taking it face on and saying bring it on, and if I’m gonna go out, I’m gonna go my way, so she’s run the numbers and she knows she can’t help her friends from where he is, and they have the bunker, so she feels like she can be selfish now and live out the rest of her days the way she wants to.”

Much of Raven’s interactions in tonight’s episode were with a hallucination of Becca, and it was that hallucination who suggested this plan to Raven in the first place. But Morgan says Becca was more than a hallucination.

“I think Becca, as much of a hallucination as she is, I think she’s an actual manifestation of her true heart’s desire that Raven’s been protesting for a very long time, or not allowing herself to indulge in,” she says. “So she’s finally letting that out and she’s listening to it, and she’s taking on this new chapter which unfortunately is the ending chapter, I think with a lot of grace, and a lot of spirit, a lot of grit.”

Raven’s decision was made all the more sad by the fact that the only person she got to share a goodbye with was Murphy.

“It’s funny that Murphy was the one she told, because I think that Murphy is probably the only person who really wouldn’t fight her on it,” Morgan says. “If it was Clarke, if it was Bellamy, even if it was Jasper, I feel like they would fight her. They would pick her up and throw her over their shoulder and make her come to the bunker,” she says. “But in Raven’s mind, she’s just taking up space and taking up air in that bunker and is going to be a vegetable as the best case scenario, and that’s not how she wants to live her life. And I think because her and Murphy have such a unique dynamic, he respects that. Of course he is sad and doesn’t want her to do this. But he respects her decision because this is her life and it’s what she wants as her last dying wish.”

Based on the fact that we didn’t actually see Raven head off into space, it’s entirely possible that Raven may never make it to space at all. But while Morgan admits that “anything could happen,” she says that Raven is currently all in on this plan.

“What Raven is aiming for is a pretty lofty goal, that she could even make it in time, or that she even has the brain power. She could fall down dead at any moment,” Morgan reminds us. “So, like I said, that’s why I think she’s taking it very maturely and gracefully because she’s throwing herself all into this new plan, and she’s, you know, just going to ride it out as much as she can. She’s not going to hide from it, she’s not going to dwell, she’s gonna go for it.”

And there’s really no way to go that would be more fitting.

“If Raven Reyes is to go out, this is the way to go out. If she goes out. Make that a big If.”

As for what actually does happen next, all we know is that it’s going to be epic. Morgan calls episode ten one of her favorite episodes of the series, hands down.

“Lots of action, lots of twists,” she says. “And I’d say there will be some endings in that episode.”

Plus, Bob Morley told us the episode is “a monster,” and called it “one of the craziest episodes we’ve ever tried to achieve. The fact that we managed to pull it off was just insane.” And Marie Avgeropoulos also told us it was her favorite episode of the season, and even teased a Blake family reunion during an “epic battle” towards the end of the episode.

So we may not know what the outcome of the next episode will be, but we know we’re in for a serious ride. Let’s just hope that ride does not also include Raven Reyes dying in space.


When I was younger, I was quite the tomboy, not because I didn’t like ‘girl’ things but because I didn’t like the exclusivity boys had over ‘boy’ things. The ‘NO GIRLS ALLOWED’ sign is still etched in my mind, and even though the sign bothered me, it also made me curious about what they doing in there, and I was left wondering ‘why can’t I play?”

As a working actress, it still baffles me how in 2017 women are being represented. There are countless auditions available for ‘the slut’, ‘the girlfriend’, ‘the mother’, ‘the bitch’, or ‘the prize’ for the lead male character. I think the amount of archaic stories of women waiting for a man to save them, fix them, and give them purpose is overdone. I always think of Cinderella and wonder if she didn’t have that glass slipper where would she be now? I’d love to see an ending re-write: successful businesswoman Cinderella is now running “Cindr” an all musical, friendly mice cleaning company and is killing it!

I do, however, see hope for the film industry, and believe change is coming in waves. It’s starts with more gratifying, intelligent and complex women roles being written and showcased. I feel the more that we demand to see women portrayed in positive, intelligent and leadership roles, the more it will be the norm. I love knowing there are young woman watching “The 100” and connecting to a character like ass-kicking, mechanical engineer, space whiz Raven Reyes. Who knows, maybe they are being inspired to become our next future female astronauts.

This is why I say (usually to myself), “F the glass ceiling and the glass slipper.” It helps to push and motivate me. I know there are like minded men and women out there ready to shatter glass ceilings with me. I’ve realized that my purpose is not just to ‘entertain’ but to inspire people with my personal story and through each character I embody.

I no longer hesitate to share my opinion and desires for equality. If we are too afraid to ‘speak our truth’, how will change ever be made? I personally feel that if you’re going to get “in trouble” for speaking your mind, it’s probably the BEST reason to get “in trouble”.


What’s Lindsey Morgan, a Texan of Mexican and Irish descent doing in Vancouver? Starring in the locally filmed post-apocalyptic action-drama The 100 on CW of course! The main cast represents actors from Canada, America, Australia, Korea, Peru and the UK.

Lindsey Morgan joined season 1 with a recurring role and was bumped to a series regular by season 2. She plays mechanic and “badass” Raven Reyes amongst a diverse cast in a dystopian setting almost 97 years after the Earth is nuclear-ravaged. While the fourth season is currently underway we asked Lindsey about The 100 and her acting career:

What drew you into acting and how did you pursue it?

As a kid, I was always very artistic and felt truly myself whenever I was being creative. I did not really start pursuing acting until I was 18 and honestly, it was just a moment of hearing and following my heart’s deepest desire.

What did the recurring role of Kristina Davis on “General Hospital” teach you as a young actress?

It taught me in this industry, you can either sink or swim. There is not anyone there to hold your hand and it is up to you keep yourself afloat. The soap was a tremendous amount of work for a new actor and it taught me how much I needed to practice my craft and be ready to perform day in and day out. It also taught me gratitude to have a steady job, in a very unstable profession and industry.

How do daytime soap operas differ from primetime TV series?

We shoot by far more material in Soaps than Primetime. A big day on a Soap can be shooting up to 80 script pages. A page day on Primetime is filming 8 script pages, but we repeat takes in Primetime. In Soaps, we strive for one take then move on.

Aside from traditional film and television, you’ve also been in short films, TV movies and web series productions – do you have a favourite medium?

At this point, I am trying to explore everything I can and master it all. They are all very different mediums and have different styles that I think it is important as an actor to understand.

What’s it like to work with such a diverse cast in CW’s “The 100”?

It is amazing! I love everyone on our cast and love how we are all from such different parts of the world with different backgrounds. Everyone is pretty fascinating to get to know.

What about the show first interested you most? Were you already a sci-fi fan?

I was more of a fan of Fantasy, but it really opened my eyes to the creativity of Sci-Fi. The show has turned me into a fan. Initially though, I did love the premise. I thought it was socially very interesting!

Do you share any characteristics with your mechanic character Raven Reyes?

Yes, definitely. We both can be a bit too stubborn and competitive for our own good, but it also pushes us to constantly to do our best and grow as a person.

What do you do for fun in Vancouver when not filming?

We have really grown close as a cast, so we always get into something crazy. From paddle boarding in the summer, to snowboarding in the winter and laser tag, we always have something fun going on. When I am alone I have been learning Muay Thai kickboxing or I am in acting class!

Advice for aspiring actors?

Train. Acting is like anything you want to do well. Practice as much as you can. It is the only way you will ever get better.


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Lindsey Morgan (Actress)

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